Curriculum Program

Women’s achievements are often lost in the dust of history and overlooked in traditional textbooks. The CWHF seeks to fill the void that traditional curricula still fail to address, and one way we do this is to offer resources for teachers – resources that help bring women’s history into the classroom whether in social studies, reading, English, or math.

The downloadable lesson plans and activities below focus on individual Inductees’ stories through primary source materials and interactive classroom activities. Classes can even research and nominate a Connecticut woman for induction! Though these lessons were originally designed for students in fourth through eighth grades, they can be modified for use with students of all ages.

This program was developed in close consultation with a team of teachers from the Hartford, Connecticut public school system and was designed to meet the needs of teachers who must pay careful attention to the demands of state and federal standards. The original hard-copy version of Connecticut Women: Across the Curriculum, Throughout the Year was produced in 2004 and sent to 1,000 schools across the state. The project was made possible through a generous grant from the Lincoln Financial Group Foundation and was endorsed by the Connecticut Department of Education.

For more information, links, and materials relating to these and other Inductees, browse the Virtual Hall.


Lesson Plans

A Letter from Eleanor Roosevelt: Marian Anderson

The World’s First Female Ambulance Surgeon: Emily Dunning Barringer

Calisthenics and Recruitment: Catherine Beecher

Boarding School Advertisement: Prudence Crandall

Industrialist Crusader: Alice Hamilton

The Hmong People of Laos: Jane Hamilton-Merritt

Votes for Women: Katharine Houghton Hepburn

Inherited Genes: Dorrit Hoffleit

Declaration and Pledge: Isabella Beecher Hooker

Nobody Ever Told Her She Couldn’t: Donna Lopiano

Hartford Artists’ Collective: Dollie McLean

I’d Like to be a Lawyer: Constance Baker Motley

A Poem about Alice Paul

A Survivor and a Gambler: Ann Petry

Blueprints: Theodate Pope Riddle

Lydia on Columbus: Lydia Huntley Sigourney

Blood Transfusions in China: Hilda Crosby Standish

Am I not a Woman and a Sister?: Maria Miller Stewart

A Photograph of Gladys Tantaquidgeon

Textile Workers: Betty C. Tianti

The Gals are Taking Over: Antonina Uccello

A Portrait of Marian Anderson: Laura Wheeler Waring


Other Resources

Using Primary Source Materials

Nominate an Inductee


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